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Bringing value through specialization with domain knowledge and expertise to our customer engagements with assured success and better ROI.


We are an industry leader in Enterprise Asset Management with 12 years of experience in providing solutions to large and mid-size organizations across the globe in industries like Oil & Gas, Utilities, Manufacturing, Power Generation, Utilities and Infrastructure.Leading IBM Maximo implementation partner with Gold accreditation.


We are one the world’s leading and fastest growing integrated solutions provider for Seaports, Terminals, Transportation, Shipping and Logistics industries – with 10+ year’s experience. We serve Seaports, Terminals, Maritime Logistics service providers, Transportation, and Warehouses.


We are providing solutions Energy management, Plant performance optimization, condition monitoring solutions for process, discrete, engineering, fleet, equipment and facilities. IARMS our leading IIOT solution deployed across, manufacturing, utilities, Power generation, oil & gas, fleet and equipment management



We provide business insights from sensor, condition, process, production, consumption, auxiliaries, alarms, events to make informed decisions. Root cause analysis, anomaly detection, performance forecasting, failure analysis, and data modeling is one our key contribution to our customers in several industry verticals across the world.

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We extend enterprise business applications to mobile, helping our enterprise customer’s field teams on go to interact, connect and execute their operations. We being one of the leading Mobile First solution company provide several solutions like field sales automation, logistics, distribution, utilities and field services industries.

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We help our enterprise customers by providing pointed solutions for specific business functions which are not addressed by their existing ERP. We also migrate their legacy application stack to new technology with enriched functionality to meet their growing business needs. Enterprise application integration is one of our core focus, ensuring several applications seamlessly interact with less human intervention.